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Capstone Project 

If you would like to learn more about bringing this show to life check out my Capstone Narrative below.

Big River Capstone Narrative

Big River Scenic Designer

Music and Lyrics by Roger Miller, Book by William Hauptman, Adapted from the novel by Mark Twain,

Directed by Vince DeGeorge, Lighting Design by CJ Mellides.

Cohen Family Studio Theatre at University of Cincinnati: College-Conservatory of Music.

The Prologue
Do Ya Wanna Go to Heaven
Do Ya Wanna Go to Heaven
We Are the Boys
Pap finding Huck in his Room
A Hand for the Hog
Huck on Jackson Island
Huck on Jackson Island
River in the Rain
Huck and Jim Floating on the Raft
Arriving in Bricktown
The Royal Nonesuch
Digging up the Coffin
Waitin' for the Light to Shine
River in the Rain (Reprise)
Concept Sketch
White Model Design Process
White Model Version 1
White Model Version 2
White Model Version 3
White Model Version 4
White Model Version 5
White Model Version 6- Close Up
White Model Version 6 with White Cyc
White Model Version 6 with Black Cyc
White Model Version 7
Rendered Color Model Photos
Process Photos
Lighting Tests
Paint Elevations
Painting Process
Loading In Process 
Tech Rehearsals
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