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Waitress (Tony Nominated) Props Fabricator

Based upon the 2007 film of the same name, written by Adrienne Shelly.
Music and Lyrics by Sara Bareilles, Story by Jessie Nelson,
Directed by Diane Paulus, Scenic Design by Scott Pask, Prop Making Supervisor Kathryn Miller.
Brooks Atkinson Theatre in New York, NY.

Waitress Production Photo
Waitress Production Photo
Waitress Production Photo
Waitress Promo Photo
Waitress Production Photo
Pie Fabrication

Started by making molds of all fruit needed. Then poured the needed Smooth-On product into the mold to make the cast of the fruit needed. Used Silk Pig to color the Smooth-On mixture.

Pie crust was made of salt doe so it wouldn't spoil and last for the longevity of the production's run. Each pie's base was carved out of upholstery foam and then Smooth-On Dragon Skin was poured on top to create the base's color and texture. After the fruit casts were glued onto the based, a layer of Dragon Skin was poured over top the whole pie to act as a sealant to secure all pieces to the base.

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