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Hacks Season 2 (Ep 1-4) Assistant Art Director

Executive Producers: Lucia Aniello, Paul W Downs, David Miner, Morgan Sackett, Michael Schur and Jen Statsky
Production Designer: Alec Constestabile
Art Director: Rob Tokarz
HBO Max, shot in Los Angeles.

Ext Las Vegas Building
Ext Las Vegas Building
Palmetto Casino: UFC Octagon
Palmetto Casino: UFC Octagon
Upscale Restaurant
Ext Cell Phone Store
Int Cell Phone Store
Int Cell Phone Store
Gay Night Club
Gay Night Club_ Bathroom
Cruise Ship Theater
Cruise Ship Theater
Cruise Ship Theater
Palmetto Casino: UFC Octagon - Seating Layout
Palmetto Casino: UFC Octagon - Graphics Layout
Ext Las Vegas Building: Graphics Layout
Ext Palmetto Casino: Valet DPL
Upscale Restaurant DPL
Cruise Ship Theater DPL
Int Gym DPL
Layouts & Director Plan Selections
2023 ADG Awards: NOMINATED
Best Production Design for a
Half Hour Single Camera Series
2022 AFI Awards: Honoree

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