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Behind the Eight Ball | Prohibition Era Speakeasy

Story based around real events with characters created by Katelyn Budke.

During the Prohibition Era, no Mafia group was more prominent of the underworld of Detroit then the Purple Gang. Every action they took was not questioned by the sheer thought of what may happen if you crossed the line with a gang member. But what if it is one of your own that turns against you? One of these disputes caused the murdering of three rebellious members apart of the Little Jewish Navy faction on September 16, 1931. This event of betrayal was soon called the Collingwood Manor Massacre.

Abram Reznik, one of the unknown “Little Jewish Navy” members, learns inTommy’s Bar, a hub for Purple Gang actively, that the other members of his group have been murdered by the Purple Gang. Reznik must decide if he will retaliate or, forget that he was ever a member of the Little Jewish Navy.

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